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About Us

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Tim and Renee Thompson - Independence, Kentucky
In 1993, on a visit to our second cat show, we came across a beautiful breed - the Somali. Leaving the show with two new cats (Tim liked the ruddy, Renee liked the red) and the knowledge that "by the way, you can show the ruddy", our journey began. After showing and granding Tadofa Dreamwalker in premiership, we were hooked.

After four years, two grand champions and two grand premiers, we decided to begin breeding. We knew we would no longer live without Somalis being an integral part of our lives, so we decided to start a small breeding program to pass on the qualities that we find so endearing. We hope you enjoy our web site and a small glimpse of the cats that have come to be very, very special to us.


Click on the image above to watch Walker make his television debut on the news in Peoria, IL at the show in which he granded.


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Tadofa Dreamwalker "Walker"


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