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Fun Stuff

Life with Somalis is loads of fun, so we want to share some of that fun with you.  This page is for fun pictures, stories and anything cat related that brings a smile to your face.  Check back to this page often as we will try our best to keep it up to date.  If you have a Symbari Somali, we would love to add your funny story or picture to this page.  Please email them to symbari@aol.com.

"This chicken noodle soup has to be for us"

"Filbert is simply the best cat ever, never been sick, still the same 10 pounds, still playful and getting more affectionate every year. He has his peculiar quirks which of course we cater to without delay! We really love this kitty!"
This picture of Filbert is one of his Mom's favorites.

A cat died and went to heaven.  God met her at the Golden Gate and said,  "You have been a good cat all these years.  Anything you want is yours for the asking".  The cat thought for a minute and then said, "All my life I lived on a farm and slept on  hard wooden floors.  I would like a real fluffy pillow to sleep on.  God said, "Say no more. Instantly the cat had a huge fluffy pillow.  A few days later, six mice were killed in an accident and they all went to heaven together.  God met the mice at the gates of heaven with the same offer that He made to the cat.  The mice said, " Well we have had to run all our lives from the cats, dogs and even people with brooms!  If we could just have some little roller-skates, we would never have to run again."  God answered, It is done.  All the mice had beautiful little roller-skates.
About a week later God decided to check on the cat.  He found her sound asleep on her fluffy pillow.  God gently awakened the cat and asked, is everything OK?  How are  you doing?  Are you happy?  The cat replied, Oh, it is WONDERFUL.  I have never been so happy in all my life!  My pillow is fluffy, and those little MEALS-ON-WHEELS  you have been sending are absolutely delicious. - Unknown.

Is this a pose or what?!

I can't ever find the camera when I need it ...

Hard at play!

A new toy?!


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