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Somalis are incredibly intelligent and loveable cats. They are active, yet like to be cuddled. A Somali wishes to become a member of the family - NOT "just a pet". They are curious about everything and need to help you with all you do, as well as to inspect each animal, vegetable, mineral ... that passes through their door.

Somalis are agile creatures. It is common for them to jump from the floor to the top of the refrigerator in one graceful movement. They often use their paws like little hands to open drawers, cabinets and sometimes even doors. If you decide you would like to share your life with a Somali, you must be willing to add a step to everything you do... REMOVE THE CAT, BEFORE you close the dishwasher, BEFORE you start the dryer, BEFORE you close the cabinet door, BEFORE you take that empty box to the trash, Etc., Etc., Etc. (Symbari Somalis really love the lazy susan!)

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