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Hope at the K.P.H.C. Fall Paint-O-Rama Horse Show in September, 2004.

Tim met John Kitna, quarterback with the Cincinnati Bengals
at Faith Night at the Cincinnati Cyclones game
Saturday, March 20, 2004.

Merry Christmas 2002! - Renee's surprise Christmas present "Gimme A Thrill", an
American Paint was born April 1, 2000
and was added to our family on
December 6, 2002.

We were also fortunate to get clips baby
picture.  He is still as handsome as he was
as a baby, just a whole lot bigger!  His
addition has of course meant buying a new
truck and a horse trailer.

We soon added "Hope" to the barn, another American Paint.  By the time she is ready to ride, Tim "might" be ready to ride too!

Sampson may look like a handful, but he is as sweet as can be and his feline family loves him almost as much as we do!

Sightseeing in Seattle

I think I make a better tree topper!

Tim accepts season tickets for winning the name the team contest for the Lexington Menowar Hockey Team.  After one season, they are now defunct

Sailing in San Diego

Fun at the show ...

We don't need this much!


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