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While they may no longer live under our roof, all of our cats are still part of our extended family and we love each one of them.  We always like hearing from our kitten/cat buyers.  We never get tired of hearing kitty stories and getting updated pictures of them!  We hope these pictures give you an insight into how much fun life can be with a Somali as a member of the family!


Symbari's Shuli                  
Pittsburg, PA                   

Symbari's Filbert
Xenia, Ohio

Bethel, CT

Symbari's Lyta Lourai Clane
San Jose, California

Symbari's Olivia
Mason, Ohio

Symbari's Captain
West Bend, Wisconsin

Ruddy Boy
Rockford, Illinois

Tiki and Milly Marie
Omaha, Nebraska

Symbari's Winter Journey (Jag)
Fischers, Indiana

Symbari's Tempelton
Fischers, Indiana

Symbari's Mark of Zorro
Fischers, Indiana

Symbari's Genevieve
Hartford, Wisconsin

Symbari's Little Poupon  - Terrace Park, Ohio

St. Louis, Missouri

Symbari's Rafiki of Liska
Harrodsburg, Kentucky


Symbari's Maximilan and Symbari's Katherine
Hillsboro, Oregon


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